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Plus Sign Business + Life Coaching
Payment & Registration Form

To ensure timely processing, you may call or fax in payments. Printed books are $14.99 each (price includes shipping & handling). If mail is preferred, print and complete this form then mail it with payment (allow at least one week to ensure timely processing) to:

Plus Sign Business + Life Coaching
Box 1278
Philadelphia, PA 19063

Product/Service (Coaching/Course/Publication/etc): ___________
Product/Service Title: ___________________________________
Quantity: ____________
Pennsylvania residents add applicable Sale Tax: _____________
Payment Total $: __________________

First Name: __________________________________________
Last Name: __________________________________________
Organization: _________________________________________
Billing Address Line 1: _________________________________
Billing Address Line 2: _________________________________
City: _______________________________________________
State/Province: _______________________________________
Postal Code: ______________________
Country: ____________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Fax: ______________________________
Email (required): ______________________________________

Pay (circle one): Check/Money Order/Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express
Check/Money Order/Card Number: ________________________
Card Expiration Date (Month/Year): _______________
Card Security Code (last 3 digits in signature area on back of credit card, or 4 digits on front of American Express card): _____

Signature: ____________________________________________

If paying by check or money order, make payment to: “PLUS SIGN PRODUCTIONS”. If paying by PayPal or similar email payment service, send payment to “PlusSignProductions@yahoo.com” and include a note about product title, type and quantity.